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Leandro Vinasco Agudelo – Curriculum Vitae 2024 – Otromundo Lab

Leandro Vinasco Agudelo – Curriculum Vitae


Colombian author and editor of literature. Linguist graduated from the National University. Postgraduate studies in communication,  cultural journalism and digital marketing. Cofounder Otromundo Lab.

Bogotá, Colombia.

Cell: (+57) 3224096125




Academic training:


Linguist, National University of Colombia

Deepening field: Communication

Bogota, 2005


Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Journalism, Universidad de Chile

Institute of Communication and Image

Santiago de Chile, 2007



Work experience:


Otromundo Lab

Co-Founder. General Director of communication and digital marketing.

2022 – present

Main achievements:

– MaYita Music: Conceptual development of art for videoclips and social media images. Webpage design and SEO. Community management and ad campaigns on Meta and Google.

– MCP Asesor de Seguros: Textual advice on the website, administration of advertising campaigns on Meta and Google Ads platforms, administration of social networks.

– Tony’s Trips: Web page textual consulting, SEO optimization, advertising campaign management on Google Ads platform.

– Wet Coat Painting: Web page textual advice, SEO optimization, Google services consulting.

– Innventi Tech: Web page textual consultancy. Creation of digital ecosystem.


Editorial Otromundo

Founder and general editor

Editor, literary workshop leader and proof reader

2010 – present


Main achievements:

– Publishing process of the printed and digital book “Ciudad Olvido” (Editorial Otromundo, 2023)

– Workshops and sale of printed and digital books – Colegio La Victoria I.E.D., Bogotá, Colombia, 2023.

– Edition and publication of the book DES77ROY drawings to scratch (co-edition with FlashBlack Tattoo Studio and Editorial Otromundo, 2020)

– Proofreading “Traditional and alternative medicine market in Bogotá: Between the profession of healing and the ways of use” (PhD thesis, National University of Colombia, 2017 – 2018)

– Publication of the printed book-art “Be Stupid” in co-edition with Volcán Ediciones


Other companies:

Colombian Center for Reprographic Rights – CDR

Social Media manager and website administrator. Writer of informative articles for a monthly newsletter (85 issues). Promotional campaigns of e-mail marketing, Meta, Linkedin and Google Ads. Data analytics.



Albadan Studio

Social media manager for different commercial accounts. Bilingual web content editor. SEO optimization for web pages and online stores. Data analytics.

2016 – present (freelance)


Bravo Guerrero Art

Digital strategy analyst. Advertising campaigns on Meta platform (Facebook and Instagram Ads).

2020 – 2022


Local Mayor of Barrios Unidos

Freelance advisor to the Chief Press Office in the development of written content for social networks, website and institutional videos.

2020 – 2022


Center for Justice and International Law – CEJIL

Consultant for the improvement of the digital communication environment.

Digital marketing strategy analyst, SEO and social media. Data analytics.

2021 – 2022


Colombian Book Chamber

National Coordinator ISBN – ISMN Book Registry.

2009 – 2013


Caro and Cuervo Institute

Coordinator and general editor of the web portal “Languages of Colombia”. Publication of content for social networks and website.

2009 – 2010


Los Libertadores University Foundation

Lecturer Theories of Communication and Visual Communication.

2006 -2007



Seminars and other studies:

– Google Skills Academy: Google Search Ads Certification (2022)

– Facebook Blueprint eLearning: From business goals to ad objectives (2022)

– Facebook Blueprint eLearning: Promote your business from your Facebook page (2022)

– Facebook Blueprint eLearning: Business Manager: billing, payments and tax information (2022)

– Google Analytics Academy: Google Analytics for Beginners (2021)


EDX – Curtin University (Australia)

Digital Marketing Strategies (2020)

Director: Billy Sung


Economic Culture Fund Publishers

Short Novel Workshop (2012)

Teacher: Miguel Angel Manrique


Central University of Colombia

Creative writing workshop (2011)

Faculty of Social Communication and Journalism

Teacher: Isaías Peña Gutiérrez

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Leandro Vinasco Agudelo. Photo: Javier Rodríguez Acosta.